North California Fire Sprinkler Services

With 5 Year Certification

Fire System Repair

If your fire protection system is suffering from a malfunction, we got you covered. At Champion Fire Protection, we believe no problem should ever be fixed more than once. That is why we only deal with high grade materials when repairing your fire systems. This ensures the longevity of your fire protection systems from the date of repair. Contact us for free quote estimate.

Stand Pipe Testing

Similar to fire sprinkler testing, we check your stand pipe for any clogging, erosion, or breaches. It is important to maintain your stand pipe systems periodically because it can cost thousands to repair when not properly maintained. Testing a stand pipe system is easy when you go through the professionals at champion fire protection. We will make sure all issues with your stand pipe systems are exposed and resolved.

Fire Inspection Companies

We will ensure that your facility will pass your area’s mandatory fire code inspections. We understand how important these inspections can be that is why our technicians will service you in a timely fashion to ensure your following all necessary guidelines in the fire codes that apply to your facility.

In a fire protection system, fire sprinklers play a big role in the protection of fire spread. That is why it is important to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of your fire sprinklers. Sprinkler pipes can get clogged with minerals, gunk, and build-up of materials. Proper flow testing can determine if your sprinklers are receiving the required amount of water they need to stop fire spread right in its tracks.

Fire Equipment Testing

Our team of technicians will test all of your fire equipment to ensure it is working properly. If there are any problems identified in the testing of your fire equipment, we will offer you various solutions to have your equipment back up and running in no time.

Testing, Inspections, and Certifications

Have our team of professionals thoroughly test and inspect your fire protection equipment or systems. In this test and inspection, our team will effectively diagnose any problems your fire protection systems may have. This way our team can quickly identify what is wrong with your systems and inform you on a fast solution. We also have the know how to get your fire protection systems or equipment to follow mandatory fire codes. Our technicians will make sure your equipment and fire protections systems are ready for city inspection in no time! We are the problem solvers when it comes to local or federal fire codes.

star-icon-1Five Year Certification

We want to give you the most value for your dollar. That is why we offer a free 5 year certification with our fire protection systems and other services.