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Our team is properly trained to handle all of your fire protection needs. Each and every one of our staff members has been through extensive training to make sure they can put together the best fire protection systems possible. Our team takes equipment placement, material, and other factors into consideration when setting up your building’s fire protection system.

We only carry the best tools in the industry so we can install your fire protection system quickly and effectively. Our tools help measure flow, test pressure, and other important factors that help establish a solid fire protection system installment. We also have the right tools to help diagnose, and fix your fire protection system’s problems. Also, our technicians carry extra parts and equipment so if something needs to be replaced, they can do so on the spot.

We are extremely proud to be a part of the Sacramento, CA community. Whoever or wherever we provide service in this great city, we promise to always put customer satisfaction first. In addition, we promise to provide one of the most competitive fire protection system rates in all of Sacramento. We do this because we love working with our community and helping it grow.

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